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This article is titled Mario's glove, but it could be represented alternatively as Luigi's glove, Wario's glove, Waluigi's glove.

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Mario's gloves are a part of Mario's clothing. He wears them in most of his appearances except some earlier titles, such as Wrecking Crew and certain Game & Watch titles. His baby counterpart, Baby Mario, does not wear any gloves, but most of his alter-egos, such as Dr. Mario, do. Other characters that have gloves include Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. Aside from being part of their regular appearance, Mario's, Luigi's, Wario's, and Waluigi's gloves do not have much of a role. Unlike Mario and Luigi, both Wario and Luigi usually have their regular emblem on their glove.


Luigi's Mansion

Luigi obtains Mario's Glove in Luigi's Mansion

In Luigi's Mansion and its Nintendo 3DS version, Mario's Glove is one of Mario's five missing items that Luigi has to retrieve. He can obtain it in Projection Room after vacuuming up the Cinema Ghosts within it. When Luigi obtains Mario's Glove, the game dialogue notes how it is a bit sweaty. Later, upon inspecting Mario's Glove, Madame Clairvoya also notes that it is sweaty by stating that it is "still damp with the sweat of the living."

In the Nintendo 3DS remake's Hidden Mansion, it is instead found in the Courtyard after Luigi vacuums up all of the Ceiling Surprises and Purple Bombers.

Mario & Luigi series

In the Mario & Luigi series, the player can change Mario or Luigi's gloves so they can have a special power, raise stats, or heal the player's HP.

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  • Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS) in-game description: "The white gloves Mario wears. They're a little damp from sweat..."



  • In Luigi's Mansion, even though Mario has lost his glove and hat, he is still shown wearing both of them while trapped in his painting.