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A female Noki as she appears in Mario Super Sluggers.
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All Stars (2020)
Notable members
Conch Shell Noki
Noki Director
Noki Elder
Noki Elder's Grandson
“Oh, hi there! My door's open, and there's nothing to be suspicious of... How about a game of jacks? Ha ha ha ha!”
Noki, Super Mario Sunshine

The Nokis are a race of short creatures with shells which debuted in Super Mario Sunshine. They, along with Piantas, inhabit Isle Delfino. They thrive primarily in Noki Bay, many of the Nokis that reside there rarely rise to the surface of the bay, but instead inhabit a large underwater area located directly beneath the bay's large waterfall. They are some of the most relaxed and intelligent characters in the Mario series.

Their profile in Mario Superstar Baseball reveals that Nokis evolved from shellfish.


Super Mario Sunshine

The Conch Shell Noki playing a his conch shell.

The Nokis first appear in Super Mario Sunshine, they inhabit on Isle Delfino with the Piantas. Their primary home on the island is Noki Bay. While they inhabit on Noki Bay, the Nokis appear in other areas of Isle Delfino. Most of the Nokis seen in Pinna Park wear clam like shells instead of hermit shells. In Episode 8 of Noki Bay, many Nokis are seen floating on jellyfish, this implies that Nokis are capable of surviving in underwater habitats, with little or no air available.

Unlike Piantas, Nokis appear to be more trusting of Mario and more aware that he's not the real criminal. In Noki Bay, the Noki Elder often aids Mario by instructing him on how best to go about his tasks. He also helps Mario by training him to use a deep sea helmet so that he can fight Eely-Mouth in Noki Bay, and later reap the rewards of the Red Coin Fish.

Mario Kart series

Nokis make a small appearance in both Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Kart Wii in Peach Beach, where some can be seen cheering in the plaza or on the cruiser ship. They also appear in the ending ceremonies.

Nokis also spectate in the Water Park course in Mario Kart 8, where they have a slight facial redesign. Here, they have more fish-like lips and have chubbier cheeks.

Mario Tennis series

Nokis along with the Piantas appear as audience and spectators in Peach Dome court of Mario Power Tennis for the Nintendo GameCube and Mario Tennis: Power Tour for the Game Boy Advance.

Mario Baseball series

Nokis are playable in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. The player can also change the color of the Nokis. In Mario Super Sluggers, while the Piantas share good chemistry with the Toads and Toadsworth, the Nokis have good chemistry with Toadette, whose chemistry is neutral with the Piantas. In a similar manner, the Toads and Toadsworth have neutral chemistry with the Nokis. When Mario meets the Nokis, he arrives in Mario Stadium (Super Sluggers) and both the green Noki and the blue Noki are unlocked by playing a scout mission. Red Noki is unlocked by unlocking Blue Noki and Green Noki.

Mario Strikers series

Nokis once again appear in the audience in Super Mario Strikers and its sequel, Mario Strikers Charged.

Official Profiles and Statistics

Isle Delfino Guide Book information for Nokis.

Super Mario Sunshine description

Nokis wear vibrant seashells reminiscent of their time living in the coral reefs. They are timid but highly intellectual.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl sticker

A Sticker of a Noki can be obtained in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In the Subspace Emissary, the Noki sticker increases the power of leg attacks by twelve.

Mario Super Sluggers


Name Bio Ability Bat Glove Stats
Blue Noki A speedy guy who runs faster with the ball. Ball Dash Left Right Pitch 5/10
Bat 4/10
Field 4/10
Run 7/10
Red Noki A defensive specialist among Nokis. Ball Dash Left Right Pitch 4/10
Bat 4/10
Field 5/10
Run 7/10
Green Noki A speedy guy with decent power to boot. Ball Dash Left Right Pitch 4/10
Bat 5/10
Field 4/10
Run 7/10


Character Good Chemistry Bad Chemistry
Noki Mario, Pianta, Toadette, Mii (according to color) Hammer Bro., Fire Bro., Boomerang Bro., Petey Piranha

Collectible Card Info

Another resident of Isle Delfino who befriended Mario on his ill-fated tropical vacation, Blue Noki isn't a power player on the baseball field, but can put a wicked curve on his changeup.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マーレ
From mare, Italian for "sea"
French Noki From the English name
German Paradiso Italian for "paradise"
Spanish (Americas) Noki From the English name
Spanish (Europe) Calisol From "cala" (bay) and "sol" (sun).


  • In Pinna Park, the Noki playing the Conch Shell plays the first six notes of the Super Mario Bros. overworld theme.
  • In Mario Super Sluggers, characters mistakenly use male pronouns for the playable female Nokis.
  • The word "Noki" translates to "shell" in English, which is what a Noki wears.

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