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File:SSBB Summit Stage.png
The Summit's panorama
The Polar Bear appears during the fight
File:Summit SSBU.png
The Summit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Summit is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, acting as the Ice Climbers' stage. It takes place on a huge chunk of ice with a couple of platforms hovering above it. For the first few parts of the fight, the chunk of ice stands firmly still on the top of Icicle Mountain. After a certain time passes, the stage breaks off, and lands in the water with mighty force. However, players can still fight while the stage is falling, but the stage will be tilted slightly. Once the stage reaches the water, it will stop tilting to and fro, and will be much easier to stand on. However, this doesn't stop the stage from tilting up and down.

The Polar Bear will land on the top of the stage once it has reached the water, and occasionally push it deeper into the water. When this happens, a large, orange fish (that actually originated in the Balloon Fight series, not in Ice Climber) will leap out of the water and attack other players. If the fish grabs a player in its mouth, the player will be dragged below the water and lose a life. Players are able to fight under the water, so long as their feet touch the ground. Additionally, the platforms on the stage are able to flap up and down.

The Summit reappears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where its My Music library is now shared with Duck Hunt, Hanenbow, PictoChat 2, Balloon Fight, Living Room, Find Mii, Tomodachi Life, Wrecking Crew, Pilotwings, and Wuhu Island.

Songs in My Music (Brawl)

Name Source Credits Requirements
Ice Climber Ice Climber Arrangement Supervisor: Toshiyuki Sudo
Balloon Trip Balloon Fight Arrangement: Koji Hayama
Shin Onigashima Shin Onigashima Arrangement: Masafumi Takada
Clu Clu Land Clu Clu Land Arrangement Supervisor: Keigo Ozaki Get over 1,200 feet in Home-Run Contest
Icicle Mountain (Melee) Super Smash Bros. Melee Original Clear Classic Mode on Normal difficulty


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 頂上
Chinese 峰頂 (Traditional)
峰顶 (Simplified)
Fēng dǐng
French Sommet Summit
German Gipfel Summit
Italian La cima The summit
Korean 정상
Russian Снежная вершина
Snezhnaya vershina
Snow Peak
Spanish La Cúspide The Peak