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Yoshi is a very adventurous dinosaur.

Yoshi, like all other Yoshis, has a large nose, a row of red spines along his head, a saddle (or shell) on his back, which is used by Mario and company when being ridden on. However, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games later states that it is in fact a shell. Yet again, this may have been a minor mistake as a Baby Yoshi is shown to not have a saddle; if it was a shell Yoshis would have been born with them. He also has a long sticky tongue, often used for swallowing things. The green dinosaur typically wears orange shoes in recent games, but he originally wore brown shoes and also red shoes in a few appearances. Although Yoshi normally has lime green skin, he has been known to change his colour. For example, in Super Mario World, Yoshi could become blue in colour after collecting a pair of Yoshi's Wings (he would stay green in the GBA remake). In fact, Yoshi would become a literal Blue Yoshi, providing Yoshi with the same strengths and weaknesses as a Blue Yoshi. Yoshi would not return to his original color unless he ran off and became re-encased in a Yoshi Egg.