Koopa's Tower

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Koopa's Tower having merged with the World Trade Center.

Koopa's Tower is the residence of President Koopa in the Super Mario Bros. film. It is where he rules from with the help of his assistant Lena. It is also the residence of King Bowser, Yoshi, Iggy, Spike and many more. When the dimensions were briefly merged late into the film, the Twin Towers briefly transformed into Koopa's Tower.


  • Koopa's Tower and it's somewhat run-down counterpart is the Dinohattan equivalent of New York City's (now destroyed) Twin Towers. According to deleted scenes of the film, the similarity stemmed from then-General Koopa catching his eye on the various skyscrapers in Manhattan while pursuing Daisy's mom and the meteorite.
    • After 9/11, the scenes with the Twin Towers were cut from some TV Airings of the film.