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It has been decided that Mariopedia will no longer support this feature. This page is kept and protected strictly for historical purposes.

Mariopedia currently hosts a few mini-wikis within it, each having their own titular namespace. The first two, Yoshipedia and Wariopedia, cover articles from the perspective of the Yoshi franchise and the Wario franchise respectively.

For example, the Yoshipedia:Shy Guy article's History section is dedicated to games from specifically within the Yoshi franchise and its individual series, and it has a "Related appearances" section consisting of appearances, usually within the parent Mario franchise, where Shy Guys are directly associated with Yoshi or for appearances referencing Yoshi-related media. Also note the opening section focuses on information on Shy Guys from the perspective of the Yoshi franchise.

We also have a mini-wiki named Zeldapedia, to a lesser extent, and it aims to cover subjects originating from the Mario franchise from the perspective of the The Legend of Zelda franchise. For example, Zeldapedia:Cheep Cheep narrows down coverage of Cheep Cheep to its appearances within the The Legend of Zelda franchise and connections to the Mario franchise, where applicable. Because The Legend of Zelda is a part of our coverage scope, it is not necessary, in most cases, to create articles for our Zeldapedia mini-wiki.