Baby Daisy/Characteristics

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Cute and Rich but also very bossy!

With an outfit based off of Princess Daisy's current design, Baby Daisy appears in a yellow dress shirt with light yellow baby bottoms, and white tights. At the bottom of her shirt are two hoop designs; both orange and overlapping one-another. Baby Daisy's collar is based off of Princess Daisy's original floral frills, and on her feet are a pair of red-orange baby dress-shoes. To top the outfit off are Princess Daisy's flower brooch and jeweled crown. Baby Daisy's crown is large in comparison to adult Princess Daisy's and it tilts to the side of her head, but the babies are shaped in a cartoon-like manner with crowns larger than usual to correspond with the fact they're infant forms of their adult selves. Also mentionable are Baby Daisy's rosy cheeks and the round baby pacifier. While Baby Peach's pacifier and clothing correspond to her main color scheme (pink combination), her pacifier is golden unlike her yellow scheme. The clothing for Baby Daisy has the same color scheme as the adult Princess Daisy's current main dress, however. Baby Daisy's hair is very similar to adult Princess Daisy's in both style and color. Her hair style consists of two parted bangs, which have one flipped end on each side of the fringe compared to adult Princess Daisy's two. Baby Daisy has neck length hair that frills up at the end in a much shorter fashion than Princess Daisy's. Aside from these minor differences, the styles are almost identical.