Baby Peach/Characteristics

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Baby Peach... The cutest Princess of them all!

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, her appearance is made to match the current look of Princess Peach. She has large blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and a tiny nose. Baby Peach's full blonde hair is styled in the same way as her adult counterpart, although her hair is not as long down her back. Baby Peach always wears a large crown with red and blue jewels and sucks on a pink pacifier, unlike Baby Rosalina and Baby Daisy (they have high-class gold pacifiers). In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, she is often seen being pushed in a stroller by Toadsworth the Younger and Toadsworth. Baby Peach is also seen with bright red sneakers. Prior to her Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy, Baby Peach has updated her outfit since her appearance in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.