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Birdo is always out looking for a new partner!

Birdo is a member of the species of the same name. Like all Birdos, she is a dinosaur with a funnel-shaped snout and a body structure that is similar to a Yoshi, though slightly shorter and with a row of spikes on the tail, not the head. Birdo is mostly pink, with a rounded white belly, red tail spikes and purple spots on her cheeks. She has purple eyes, each of which is framed by three long, thin eyelashes. She does not have hair, and instead wears a big red bow atop her head, which is usually her emblem. On her left hand is a large diamond ring set in gold, the origins of which are unknown. Birdo commonly wears purple eye makeup. In her team name, "Birdo Bows", from Mario Super Sluggers, she wears lipstick, which is odd because she doesn't use lipstick during the game, nor in most of her other appearances. In the Japanese commercial for Super Mario All-Stars, she wears a white stole, a very expensive black dress adorned with a black necklace with many pearls, and a very elegant fan[1]. Overall, however, Birdo’s looks have not changed as drastically as many other characters have through the ages.