Diddy Kong/Characteristics

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Diddy Kong The Great Nintendo Fan!

Diddy Kong shares several traits to a Spider Monkey. He has brown-colored fur, while his face, ears, hands, feet, belly and belly button (in the original Donkey Kong Country he had no visible nostrils or belly button) are exposed, showing Diddy's pale skin. He has versatile feet, and a prehensile tail, which he uses most of the time to hold certain small items or also hang on objects. Diddy Kong's face is somehow similar to Donkey Kong; however, Diddy has big eyes and a less frowned space between the eyebrows, covered in fur, as opposed to DK's. His ears are a bit big, the same size of his eyes. Diddy's eyes are usually depicted as black, although Diddy Kong Racing reveals blue eyes. On the other hand, Super Smash Bros. Brawl gives him brown eyes. Diddy's clothing consists of a red cap showing the logo of Nintendo on its front, a red Converse shoes and a red tank top, with yellow Stars on it (the details on his clothes were first introduced in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest). In Donkey Kong Country, an alternate Diddy's clothing was a yellow tank top, converse orange shoes and a yellow cap. It appeared when two players wished to play independently. In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Diddy Kong appears with another alternate costume as well. In the sequel, Diddy wears a purple costume & converse purple shoes . For the recent edition of Super Smash Bros. series, Diddy has a wider selection of alternate color costumes. In Mario Strikers Charged, Diddy wears armor, protecting him against hazards set in the game. He wears a pair of wristbands, shoulder-pads, and a cuirasse over his tank top to protect his chest. The armor is mainly yellow, but it turns to purple in case that his opponents wear a similar color scheme. Later in Donkey Kong Country Returns, when the Super Guide mode is activated and Super Kong breaks a DK Barrel open, Super Diddy Kong appears. Super Diddy Kong has white fur, a white cap , converse white and blue shoes and a blue tank top.