Fiery Bubble

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This article is about the obstacle in Mario Superstar Baseball. You might be looking for Podoboo, which is sometimes referred to as Fire Bubble. or Burn Bit, which is also referred to as Fire Bubble.
Fiery Bubble

A Fiery Bubble from Mario Superstar Baseball.
First appearance Mario Superstar Baseball (2005)
Species origin Podoboo

Fiery Bubbles are fireballs that appeared only in Bowser's Castle in Mario Superstar Baseball. First they would jump out of the lava pond and then they would land on the player and cause them to lose the ball. They bear a huge resemblance to Podoboos, Lava Bubbles, and Fire Snakes. Their patterns are also similar to Podoboos but except they land on dry land instead of returning back to the lava acting much like a Meteor.