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It is generally advised not to use HTML, as some of the codes may cause unwanted effects on certain browsers, and some of the code below is deprecated. Therefore it is safer to use the proper Wiki Markup, if applicable. Only the most common codes will be mentioned.

Italicized text

(The wiki markup is two apostrophies next to each other, and not a quotation mark)

  • <i>italics</i> = italics
  • <em>emphasis</em> = emphasis
  • ''Wiki Markup'' = Wiki Markup

Bold text

  • <b>bold</b> = bold
  • <strong>strong emphasis</strong> = strong emphasis
  • '''Wiki Markup''' = Wiki Markup

Bold+italicized text

(always end tags in the reverse order of how you started them)

  • <b><i>bold+italics</i></b> = bold+italics
  • <strong><em>strong emphasis+emphasis</em></strong> = strong emphasis+emphasis
  • '''''Wiki Markup''''' = Wiki Markup


Used to make a new line.

  • 1 2 3<br>4 5 6 = (see below)
1 2 3
4 5 6


The font code has multiple functions, but in all cases, the tag must be closed with </font>.


Some colors are predefined, but for specific shades, you need to use the hexidecimal colorsystem. For a chart of the most commonly used colors and shades, see Help:Color Chart.

  • <font color=blue>This text is blue</font> = This text is blue
  • <font color=#0000FF>This text is blue</font> = This text is blue


The default text-size for this wiki is 2. Sizes can range from 1-7. One can use the add/subtract feature (usually done when one does not know the default size) or use the specific size feature.

  • <font size=+1>This text-size is one bigger than usual, since 2+1 = 3</font> = This text-size is one bigger than usual, since 2+1 = 3
  • <font size=3>This text-size is size three</font> = This text-size is size three

Invisible text

Used for leaving important comments to editors. For obvious reasons, misuse will lead to warnings and/or temporary blocking. The Sysops will be aware...

  • <!--This text becomes invisible--> = (you have to click the edit-link to actually see the result)


Not really used on articles, but people may find use for it when making to-do lists on there userpages and they want to "cross something off."

  • <s>Strikethrough</s> = Strikethrough
  • <strike>Strikethrough</strike> = Strikethrough