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This page explains the syntax and "rules" of images on the wikia.

General infomation

All image setups follow the same basic syntax, however they do not have to be used. The basic syntax is:
However, everything after name can come in whatever order the user wants it to.

In depth infomation


The name is the only thing that isn't optional when adding an image to an article (naturally). An important thing to remember is that the name of the image is semi-caps-sensitive in the same way the search-function is, which means that if an image is called MarioWiki.jpg, then writing MarioWiki.jpg or MarioWiki.JPG will not retrieve the image.


There are three types of images:

  • thumb or thumbnail
A frame appears around the image and the image itself is automatically scaled to 180px (or whatever you've set your preference to), or as close to your preference as possible, unless otherwise specified with size. With thumb, it is not possible to "inflate" the image. This means, if the image when uploaded has a width of 80px, it cannot go above 80px no matter what is written in size, it can only go below or equal to the width the uploaded image has. It will by default be located to the right, unless otherwise specified in location. If caption is written, it will appear in a box between the image and the lower part of the frame.
  • frame
When using frame, the image will be framed and always have it's default width, which cannot be changed no matter what is written in size. If caption is written, it will appear in a box between the image and the lower part of the frame.
  • (No specification)
When not specifying the type as one of the above, no frame will appear. Size can be changed in both direction, i.e. "inflation" is possible. If caption is written, it will only appear if the mouse is hovering over the image.


By default, images float to the left, unless otherwise specified or when using the type, thumb.

  • left
Image floats to the left and text will flow to the right of the image
  • right
Image floats to the right and text will flow to the left of the image
  • center
Image floats in the middle and breaks the text. Text that follow the image will appear below the image, but not to the sides.
  • none
Image floats to the left, but breaks the text in the same manner as center.
  • If more than one location is given, only the last one will take effect. If no location is given, it will use its default.


Size is always measured by the size of the width of the image in pixels (px). The height will automatically be computed, so that the image will keep its aspect ratio. If using thumb, the size cannot be "inflated" to a width higher than the one the uploaded has.

  • 100px
Will resize the width to be 100 pixels (100 can be replaced by whatever number you wish). Height will automatically be computed to fit the image's aspect ratio.
  • 100x150px
Using this method is a way of limiting the image to whatever limit it hits first. This corresponds to saying the the width must not exceed 100 pixels and the height must not exceed 150 pixels. Once the image hits one of these limits, the opposite will be scaled to keep aspect ratio.


Any text entered, that is not recognized as one of the above pre-set commands will be assumed to be caption text. If several captions are entered, only the last will take effect.



Example on the cap-sensitivity.

Name Exon Exor.png Exon exor.png Exon Exor.PNG
Result File:Exon exor.png File:Exon Exor.PNG


  • thumb
First is the default, seen on the far right. The syntax for it is simply [[File:Exon Exor.png|thumb|placement of text]]
placement of text
The following example will be shown with a user-specified location and size. The syntax is [[File:Exon Exor.png|thumb|left|100px|placement of text]]
placement of text
The following example is to show that an image cannot be inflated when using thumb. The width of the uploaded image is 64px. The syntax will however be written with the width being set to 500px. The syntax is [[File:Super Mario.png|thumb|left|500px]]. It will be set next to the same image with the width set to 64px so that one can see that there is no difference in size.
width set to 500 pixels
width set to 64 pixels
  • frame
First, the default. Syntax is [[File:Isle Delfino.png|frame]] (the uploaded image has a width of 389 pixels)
Now, to show that setting a with has no effect. Width will be set to 150 pixels. Additionally, caption will be added and location will be moved to center. Syntax is [[File:Isle Delfino.png|frame|center|150px|Setting width makes no difference]]
Setting width makes no difference
  • No specified type
The following will show that inflation is possible, and that caption only appears when the mouse hovers above the image. The image from the thumb example will be used. Syntax will be [[File:Super Mario.png|150px|Only readable if you hover over the image]]

Only readable if you hover over the image


Syntax will be [[File:SM64DS-Peach's Castle.PNG|location|150px]] (with location being switched with whatever the example is about) accompanied by a sequence of randomly pressed letters, before and after the image, to symbolize text.
  • left ([[File:SM64DS-Peach's Castle.PNG|left|150px]])

  • right ([[File:SM64DS-Peach's Castle.PNG|right|150px]])

  • center ([[File:SM64DS-Peach's Castle.PNG|center|150px]])

  • none ([[File:SM64DS-Peach's Castle.PNG|none|150px]])
  • Example of last location applying ([[File:SM64DS-Peach's Castle.PNG|none|right|center|left|150px]])


The next uses an image with a width of 360 pixels and a height of 271 pixels. Since regular sizing has already been showed several times, we'll jump straight to limitations.

First, well set a limit where the width will be the deciding factor. Syntax will be [[File:SMW Bowserscastle.png|180x550px]]

Width is a deciding factor because the image will always keep its aspect ratio and in this case, when the width reaches 180 pixels, the height will still be less than 550 pixels, but the image will not become any larger, since that would mean that the width would exceed 180 pixels, which it isn't allowed to do.

Now the same image, but with height as the limiting factor. Syntax is [[File:SMW Bowserscastle.png|680x170px]]


Not much to say here. Remember that caption in an image with no specified type is only viewable when you hover the image. And like most of the other things, only the last caption is shown, if more than one is added. At the same time, this will show that any order after the name will still work as it is supposed to. Syntax for the following is [[File:Bevelle4.jpg|170px|text 1|text 2|text 3|left|text 4|thumb]]

text 4