Isle of Ancients

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File:SSBB Isle of Ancients X Light.jpg
The "X" shaped light
File:SSBB Isle of Ancients.png
The Isle of Ancients before being destroyed

The Isle of Ancients is a place in the Subspace Emissary, in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Although never appearing in the game itself, it plays a great role in the Emissary. It is home to several R.O.B.s, led by a single R.O.B. known as the Master Robot.[1]

When Tabuu first found the Isle of Ancients, he decided to use the robots to help him make Subspace Bombs. Taking the island over, he uses their advanced technology to build weapons for the Subspace Army, such as the aforementioned Subspace Bombs, the Dark Cannons, and the Subspace Gunship. The Master Robot, not wanting to lose so many R.O.B.s to Tabuu, agrees to join the Subspace Army and reluctantly beings production of the Subspace Bombs, becoming the Ancient Minister out of shame.[1]

After Ganondorf takes control of the robots on the island, he forces them to detonate several Subspace Bombs at once. He does this so as to transport a Subspace Gunship through to the World of Trophies. Later, after the defeat of Tabuu, a shining "X" appears in the sky where the Isle of Ancients was; it did not return to the world as a side effect of the detonation of the many Subspace Bombs at once.[1]


  • The Isle of Ancients resembles Angel Island from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, as they both have ruins of an ancient civilization and both float above the sea.