Koopa's High School Yearbook

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The comic

Koopa's High School Yearbook is a single-panel comic within the Nintendo Comics System. It was published under the the Super Mario Bros. No. 2 issue, and was also included in The Best of Super Mario Bros. and The Super Mario Bros. Battle Against Bowser.

As the title suggests, the comic shows a single page of the high school yearbook for Bowser. The displayed page shows three members of the same species as Bowser: a glasses-wearing Koopa that is apparently frequently bullied, a female Koopa with a crush on Bowser, and Bowser himself. Part of a fourth Koopa is also shown, however, the rest of the page is torn away, revealing an additional image of Bowser bullying the glasses-wearing Koopa.

The displayed page also features comments from Bowser's classmates. Most show fear or loathing towards him, but one, implied to be from the female Koopa, reveals that the extent of their relationship was that Bowser once asked if she had finished her sandwich.