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Just like most wikis, this wiki has some guidelines you will need to follow.

  1. No spamming or vandalizing articles.
  2. No swearing or explicit/offensive content as Mario is intended to be a family-friendly franchise.
  3. While articles on people involved with the Mario franchise or Nintendo's history are allowed, random fans and YouTubers are not allowed.
  4. No removing chunks of information without any valid reasons.
  5. It is important to stay informative on articles but you can feel free to add a bit of humor here and there on the articles. This wiki is the perfect place to hone your writing skills!
  6. No merging pages as it creates disorder. Every character species, item, object, location (no matter how minor) should have an article on Mariopedia.
  7. Speculation is allowed as long as it doesn't get to a point where it hits false information.
  8. Articles must have the most commonly used title, and must be the official name not the popular name (e.g. Spiny Shell instead of Blue Shell). For subjects that have multiple names, a name that defines the character is the one that should be used, ideally a name it has been identified as for years. All other names (including commonly used fan names) should be used as redirects.
  9. The main image for each character must be their most well known (iconic) image or an image that displays their personality the most. As the latest images are constantly changing, we do this to avoid getting superfluous (especially with new images which hardly show the characters' personality). All other images can be put on sections of the page or in the subject's gallery page. Fanmade images are out of the question and are prohibited.
  10. Fanon is only allowed in the Fanon: namespace.
  11. Using "you" is allowed as long as it's used appropriately, ideally in strategy sections of the subject.
  12. Adding videos to pages is allowed as long as the video is relevant to the subject (e.g. game music, a video showing a glitch, a video displaying a popular (non-controversial) theory, interesting facts, etc.)
  13. Make sure the embedded video size is the small size and it is centered as it can take up the entire page otherwise.
  14. No removing images on the articles as they are important and show information on the subject.
  15. All page titles must be in English.
  16. If the subject of the article has no official English name, then use a fitting name until the official English name is found. Before doing this however, if they have a name from another language, try using the English translation as the name.
  17. No inciting propaganda.
  18. Respect others.
  19. Have fun!