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This page discusses the scope of Mariopedia. This wiki primarily covers the Mario franchise, which also includes three spinoff franchises: Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong.

Because the Mario franchise is so large, and Mario himself has even appeared in over 200 games, it is important to note how far our scope should go. There are a couple of franchises and series that, while they are not part of the main Mario franchise, are closely connected to it, so they are covered here as an added bonus. This includes:

Bootleg and fanon content

Mariopedia allows coverage for Mario-related bootleg games and fanon but only on the respective Bootleg: and Fanon: namespaces. As with the rest of the wiki, we do not allow explicit adult content such as pornography (see our censorship policy for more information). Mario-related fan games with violence can have articles, but images depicting gore, decapitation, and an abundance of blood are not allowed. 18+ fanon is not allowed at all. It is important to note that neither namespace may be used for experimental or joke edits, the former of which should be done in the sandbox instead.