Moltz the Very Goonie

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Moltz the Very Goonie

Moltz in a flying pattern.
Full name Moltz the Very Goonie
Species Very Goonie
First appearance Yoshi's Island DS (2006)
Moltz the Very Goonie fighting Yoshi.

Moltz the Very Goonie is one of the bosses Yoshi faces during the events of Yoshi's Island DS. He is a Very Goonie who really knows how to throw his weight around. He tries to crush Yoshi by belly-flopping on him as they both freefall from space. In order to beat Moltz, Yoshi must Flutter Jump above him, while avoiding his flailing wings and projectile feathers, and do a Ground Pound on his head. After Moltz is bashed on the noggin he will fly upwards and try to blow Yoshi out of the sky by sending down Rocket Guys that the dino must avoid. (This is the only part of the game where Yoshi can defeat Rocket Guys, thereby adding them to his collection in the Enemy Museum). Eventually, Moltz will come back down and Yoshi must hit him on the head again. After Moltz is hit on the head three times, the chubby avian will finally be defeated.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
French Mollo l'Albatro-Gros "Mollo" is a given name derived from Moltz; "Albatro-Gros", a portmanteau of "albatros" (albatross) and "trop gros" (too fat), is the French name for Very Goonies.
German XXL-Birdie "XXL-" is a prefix referring to "extra extra large" things; "Birdie" is the German name of the Goonies.


  • Moltz's name comes from the word "molt", when animals shed their old skin, feathers, fur, etc..
  • Moltz is the only Very Goonie appearing in Yoshi's Island DS.

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