Savage Lynel Bow

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Savage Lynel Bow

General information
Found at White-Maned Lynels, Silver Lynels
First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017)

The Savage Lynel Bow is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is an enhanced Lynel Bow wielded by White-Maned Lynels and Silver Lynels which Link can obtain by defeating them. In Master Mode, they are wielded by Golden Lynels as well. It is a multi-shot bow that fires three arrows at once per ammunition.

It is the strongest of the three Lynel-made bows, each shot inflicts 32 points of damage, and if all three arrows hit the target, it will receive a total 96 points of damage. Like certain Three-Shot Bows it may feature a Five-Shot Burst weapon bonus allowing it to fire five arrows per shot instead of three, making the total 160 points of damage if all five arrows hit the target making it strong that the Bow of Light which has 100 Attack power though can only shot a single Light Arrow. It has high damage and durability, able to cripple most enemies. It can receive powerful bonuses and the power is augmented with its multi-shot capability however like all weapon bonuses Link has no control over its bonuses as they are not upgrades (bonuses are simply enhanced attributes that increase certain stats or attributes such as critical hit chances, Attack, Durability, rate of fire, or enhanced multi-fire capability). This bow is more powerful when used with special arrows.

However its base durability is inferior to the Steel Lizal Bow which has a base attack power of 36 though is a stand single shot bow thus the damage potential of the Savage Lynel Bow is greater thanks to its multi-fire capability. However Steel Lizal Bows have stronger durability and are far easier to acquire as Stalizalfos wield them in certain places such as Mekar Island. In contrast Link must confront dangerous White-Maned, Silver, or in Master Mode Golden Lynels to acquire one. Additionally it lacks the attack range of the Bow of Light, Twilight Bow, Ancient Bow, Phrenic Bow, Royal Guard's Bow, Swallow Bow, Falcon Bow, and Great Eagle Bow. The Bow of Light, Twilight Bow, and Ancient Bow also all outclass it in terms of base durability.

The Savage Lynel Bow wielded by the White-Maned Lynel in the Second Gatehouse disappears when the White-Maned Lynel is killed however it is dropped for a brief second before disappearing allowing Link to collect it (as long as he has inventory space) by rapidly pressing the Action button as it dies. If he hasn't acquired either the Savage Lynel Sword, Savage Lynel Shield, or Savage Lynel Bow beforehand then the item description box prompt will momentarily freeze the action causing the remaining uncollected equipment it remain and not disappear. However this trick is unnecessary as it is wielded primarily by three Lynel variants. However the trick is still useful as White-Maned Lynels are weaker than Silver or Golden Lynels.

Base statistics

Damage 32 (x3)
Range 20 (Average)
Durability 45
Special Attribute Multi-shot (x3)

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