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Game infobox


|title= Title of the game (only necessary when the name of the article sans identifier is not the desired title)
|image= Box art of the game (North American box takes precedence to be consistent with the Manual of Style)
|developer= Developer of the game
|publisher= Publisher of the game (based on which console/handheld this game is for)
|platforms= What consoles/handhelds can play the game
|released= Release dates in all countries for all platforms, in order from earliest to latest (use {{released}})
|ended= If the game is no longer playable, the date on which its service ended
|languages= The languages in which the game can be played (use {{languages}})
|genre= What genre the game is in (see genre for a full list of genres)
|ratings= Official age ratings of the game (use {{ratings}})
|modes= How many players can play the game simultaneously, and whether or not the game supports online play
|media= The medium used by the system the game is on, whether a cartridge, optical disc, or digital download (use {{media}})
|cabinet= Cabinet type (use for arcade games only)
|arcade_system= The system board (use for arcade games only)
|monitor= Monitor specifications (use for arcade games only)
|input= What controllers the title supports (use {{input}})
|gallery= Added only when the existing gallery link needs to be changed or the image caption removed (set to blank)
|requirements= Any additional requirements, such as storage space (for digital releases, including Virtual Console ports)
{{game infobox