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Usage Instructions

Provides info about a location in any Mario game.

All rows will disappear if respective variables are not defined. Width is for image only, default 250px.

|image=a file without "Image:" or "File:" preceding its name (e.g. write "Mario223.jpg")
|caption=a caption for the image
|width=only use if 250px is an enlargement of the original image 
|greaterloc=the overall area where the location is found in (i.e. Shy Guy's Toybox → Toad Town)
|capital=the capital (rarely applicable)
|ruler=use the current/latest ruler
|inhabitants=meaning species. There can be multiple types inhabitants.
|first_appearance=the game it first debuted in and the date in parentheses
|latest_appearance=the game it last was shown in and the date in parentheses