Template:PMTTYD enemy table

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Level Max HP Attack Defense
{{{level}}} {{{max_hp}}} {{{attack}}} {{{defense}}}
Exp. points Coins Sleep? Stop?
{{{exp}}} {{{coins}}} {{{sleep}}} {{{stop}}}
Dizzy? Confuse? Burn? Freeze?
{{{dizzy}}} {{{confuse}}} {{{burn}}} {{{freeze}}}
Tiny? Soft? Fright? Gale Force?
{{{tiny}}} {{{soft}}} {{{fright}}} {{{gale_force}}}
KO? Move(s)
{{{ko}}} {{{moves}}}
Items Location(s)
{{{items}}} {{{locations}}}

This is the table counterpart of {{PMTTYD enemy infobox}}.


{{PMTTYD enemy table