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Paper Mario Enemy
Max HP


Look carefully at these instructions:

There are 11 variables to this template. Only 5 are needed for PM enemies, 8 for PM2 enemies.


Align takes care of the alignment of the table (default is right). If the enemy is in both games or all 3, use this template twice (and {{spmenemybox}}) in one section, aligning them all to the center, making a nice comparison. Ignore and leave PM2 blank if it's a PM enemy. If it is a PM2 enemy, fill in yes. The extra fields log, items, and the bestiary end section will appear automatically so you can fill in those sections. Name is for the rare case when there is a small difference between the names in different games (i.e. Spiked Goomba and Spiky Goomba); the default is {{PAGENAME}}. Image is still optional.