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This template makes it easier type out links with long identifier names, especially if they are the title of a game.


This template is for conveniently inputting links with an identifier of a game name.

{{short link|1|2}}

  • 1: The first parameter is for the base article link.
  • 2: The second parameter is for the identifier, typically an abbreviation of a game name. Refer to the table below:
Value Game
smb Super Mario Bros.
smb2 Super Mario Bros. 2
smb3 Super Mario Bros. 3
lostlevels Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
world Super Mario World
sm64 Super Mario 64
sunshine Super Mario Sunshine
galaxy Super Mario Galaxy
galaxy2 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Inputting {{short link|World 1-1|smb}} results in: World 1-1