Baby Mario/Characteristics

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He's cute, He's funny, He's Baby Mario!!!

Baby Mario has beady black eyes and his large trademark nose. Baby Mario has a layer of brown hair always covered by his trademark 'M' hat. Like most of the babies, his outfit eventually changed. In earlier appearances, Baby Mario wears nothing but a white diaper and his hat. He wears a yellow cape whenever he acquires a Super Star. Later on, he is given a new outfit in Mario Golf, which he continues to wear in his spin-off appearances, sometimes with minor adjustments. In this design he wears a red shirt covered by blue overalls akin to his older self Mario. Originally, the shirt is short-sleeved during the Nintendo 64 era, but his shirt is currently long sleeved as his adult self as of Mario Kart: Double Dash. He also wears a pair of light blue and white sneakers. His emblem was originally a lowercase M in Mario Tennis, but Mario Superstar Baseball and subsequent games changed his emblem to a capital M as his adult self.