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Camp Hyrule for its Super Mario Sunshine themed year in 2002, with Mario and other characters parodying Mount Rushmore

Camp Hyrule was an annual online virtual camp by Nintendo of America, which began in 1995 and ran until its official closing in 2007. It was named after Hyrule, the main setting in the The Legend of Zelda franchise. Registration would be open for one week at a time, usually in July, and the actual event would take place for four days in August. Players would be assigned a cabin to participate in, and the camp program would allow players to chat with one another, play online games, and participate in sweepstakes or win prizes. Each cabin would compete against one another with a winner being chosen on the last day. All cabin winner members would receive some sort of prize. The mascot to the camp became a horse named Stumpy the How. There were some Mario-themed Adobe Flash games that could be played in Camp Hyrule.

Mario-related themes and events

Beginning in 2000, each year would have its own theme; Super Mario Sunshine was the theme for 2002 and Super Mario Galaxy was the theme for 2006. The Nintendo GameCube and the Nintendo DS were the themes for 2001 and 2004 respectively. Also beginning in 2000, at the end of the four days of the camp, some event would take place forcing the camp to shut down.


The 1999 Camp Hyrule had "Donkey Konk Game", "The Rooftop", "Kremling Krunch Game", "The Vine", "The Gator Pit" and "The Tree House" as Donkey Kong-themed areas.[1] The "Putting Green" was a tournament for the Nintendo 64 game Mario Golf.


The 2000 year's theme was The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask; the last day saw the moon from said game falling on the campsite forcing an abrupt evacuation.[2] The "Green" and "Tennis Court" sections were themed after Mario Golf and Mario Tennis respectively.[3][4] The "Green" was the second wave of the Mario Golf tournament from the second year.


The 2001 camp, showing Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart: Super Circuit-themed areas in the right and the Luigi's Mansion-themed area on the left

In the plot for the 2001 year's camp, the blueprints to the Nintendo GameCube were mysteriously stolen and it was tasked to players to help locate them. On the last day of the camp, Bowser wrecked the campsite.[5][6] A game based on Luigi's Mansion could be played in the "Luigi's Mansion Parlor" section of the camp, and in addition there was a Bowser-themed game, a Super Smash Bros. themed area (called "The Smash Club") and a Mario Kart: Super Circuit area.[7]


For this Super Mario Sunshine iteration of the campsite, when players logged on for the first time they discovered the camp was plagued with graffiti and litter. The graffiti was gradually cleaned up by the players as the week progressed, and the culprit was discovered to be Shadow Mario.


The 2003 year of Camp Hyrule was themed after 1080° Avalanche and its destruction entailed King K. Rool creating a massive earthquake that devastated the campsite with an avalanche. Mario-themed events included one themed after Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (bearing the same name as the game), one after the WarioWare, Inc. series and "Mario Golf Clubhouse" and "Mario Golf Course".[8] A Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour tournament took place this year, following the 1999 and 2000 tournaments. The cabins were split between two teams: Mario Kart Team and the F-Zero Team.[9] A King K. Rool piñataMedia:Camp Hyrule 2003 K Rool pinata.jpg was given out as a grand prize to one camper.


The 2004 calendar year of Camp Hyrule was themed after the Nintendo DS. In the plot to this year's camp, the solar panels powering the factory that produces the Nintendo DS were destroyed. The final day involved a flood devastating the campsite, a possible reference to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The "DK Jungle" was its own section of the camp, where the Donkey Konga-themed Adobe Flash game, Donkey Konga Beat, could be played.[10]


The 2005 year was themed after The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and involved the camp falling under the dark shadow of the Twilight Realm. Throughout the days, campers would restore light to the map. A Moblin raid on the final day started a fire that burned the camp down. This year had a Mario Superstar Baseball-themed game, Mario Sports Complex: Barrel Blast. This year also had a Donkey Kong-themed area. In the Flash game Feed Stumpy, the Mario Cap is one of the randomly generated items that could be given to Stumpy to eat.


For the Super Mario Galaxy-themed 2006 camp, the campsite was moved into outer space where it was hit by meteor showers, a space virus epidemic, asteroids, and a black hole. This year also had a Mario Hoops 3-on-3-themed area called Mario Hoops Basketsphere and a Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis area called Super Mini Mario World. The Super Mini Mario World area provided information about the upcoming Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis game. On the last day, the camp slipped through a wormhole, and was warped into the 1998 campground.

Camp Hyrule Cup

In 1999, Nintendo of America (through Camp Hyrule) hosted a Mario Golf tournament online and in-game called the Camp Hyrule Cup. The North American release of the title had a special password coded into the game that players could type in and be entered into the "Camp Hyrule Cup" in-game. Upon completion of the cup, players would be given a password that would be typed in online. This secret password would be tied to their score achieved in-game, and would verify the legitimacy of their score as only Nintendo of America themselves would be able to verify the score it matched up to. This was repeated in 2000, with a second Camp Hyrule Cup in the Nintendo 64 Mario Golf, and would also be repeated in 2003 for Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. The later Virtual Console releases of Mario Golf removed the Camp Hyrule Cup.[11]

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