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Wario in his Cargo, about to take Luigi's trophy

Cargo is a kind of carrier that hovers above the ground. They are used to transport heavy objects by the Subspace Army. It appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Wario's Cargo

Wario's Cargo is Wario's second vehicle in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, (the first one being his bike) It has a piece of metal outfitted on the side that resembles Wario's mustache, dark blue runners that resemble his shoes, and a magic arm with a pink claw the same shape as his nose.

Wario is seen driving this vehicle in the Subspace Emissary. He uses it to carry the trophies he captured and collected (namely, Ness and the princess not rescued by Kirby). On his way through a hill, he spots Luigi, who had been defeated and trophicated by King Dedede. Upon taking Luigi's trophy, Wario is attacked by Waddle Dees. He drops the Luigi trophy into the Cargo, which King Dedede then steals and drives off with.

King Dedede later uses the Cargo's mechanical claw to snatch the trophies of either Mario and Pit or Link and Yoshi. Kirby comes however, and slices off the claw, freeing the duo. King Dedede, angered, turns the Cargo around, giving Link or Pit the opportunity to shoot an arrow into it, thus causing it to slow down. Mario, Pit, Kirby, Link, and Yoshi proceed to chase after King Dedede.

The Cargo is then seen parked in front of the entrance to a large cavern that leads to King Dedede's castle.

Bowser's Cargo

A Hammer Bro. and Goomba escaping in Bowser's Cargo

Bowser used a Cargo to steal and transport Donkey Kong's banana hoard. Bowser's Cargo is decorated with horns, runners in the shape of his feet, and armed with two Bullet Bill blasters. They managed to get away, but the Koopa Troop's Bullet Bills were destroyed. It was last seen where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong saved the bananas.

Trophy description

Name Image Game Description
Cargo File:BrawlTrophy133.png Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl A hovering carrier that can carry any and all freight with ease. Flying it is very simple, since it only uses one stick. There is the Bowser version (that went after Donkey Kong's bananas) and the Wario version (that King Dedede stole). The Wario version is outfitted with a magic arm.