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Crabs are a real world animal and a species within the Donkey Kong franchise. Their first appearance is as a type of enemy in the Game Boy title Donkey Kong. As a regular species, Crabs only appear in Donkey Kong Country's Game Boy Advance remake, specifically in the Funky's Fishing minigame.


Donkey Kong (Game Boy)

In the Game Boy title Donkey Kong, Crabs are featured as enemies. Their first level appearance is on the Ship level Stage 3-2.

Crabs walk slowly from side to side and sometimes stop and hide inside their shell for several moments. Mario can stand on them fine, but if he walks into them from the side, he loses a life. Crabs also try to defeat Mario themselves by reaching out to him with their extendable claws. They can be picked up and hurled, but they are otherwise tough, as they survive every time they crash into an enemy after getting thrown. Likewise, any object or enemy that is thrown into a Crab will ricochet into the enemy's shell. On the other hand, a Crab can be destroyed by plummeting fruit. Alternatively, it despawns from the stage it appears in provided it is thrown into a bottomless body of water; nonetheless, the player will not receive any points upon performing this action.

Donkey Kong Country television series

In the Donkey Kong Country television series episode "Get a Life, Don't Save One," Dixie Kong owns a pet crab named Crabby. It is never actually seen on-screen, but it causes large amounts of havoc in the episode.

Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Advance)

In Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Advance, there is a possibility of Donkey and Diddy Kong encountering a crab during a Funky's Fishing challenge. The crab scurries across the bottom of the water quickly. Catching it does not have an effect on the Kongs' score, although they can earn a Photograph from Funky Kong upon completing the challenge. Once the crab is caught, it does not appear in his challenge again.

When playing Funky's Fishing from the Extras menu, multiple crabs can appear in one go and usually give enough points for an automatic level up when caught.

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