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This article is about the projectile used by Mario and certain fiery enemies. For information about other subjects named Fireball, see Fireball (disambiguation).
New Super Mario Bros. artwork

Fireballs are a fiery projectile featured within the main Mario franchise. Several characters, such as Mario and Luigi, can typically only use fireballs while in their Fire form, which can be granted to them by a Fire Flower. Some fire-associated enemies, such as Fire Bro, have the natural ability to shoot fireballs. Fireballs make their first appearance in Mario Bros., where they are featured as a hazardous object.

Super Smash Bros. series

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

In every Super Smash Bros. title, Fireball is the standard special move of both Mario and Luigi, neither of whom have to use a Fire Flower to gain the ability. Mario's fireballs can ricochet from the ground and walls, while Luigi's shoot straight no matter what, unless it ricochets from a nearby object. Mario's fireballs are red whereas Luigi's are green. The Fireball deals weak knockback and low damage, but it can aid Mario to approach his enemies. Kirby can also use the Fireball move once he has copied Mario.


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