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A Hinokuri in an early form of Bianco Hills, as seen in the Spaceworld 2001 build of Super Mario Sunshine
General information
Variant of Strollin' Stu
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002) (unused)

A Hinokuri is an unused enemy in Super Mario Sunshine. It is a larger counterpart of a Strollin' Stu. Hinokuri is yellow both inside and out, and its body has a red-orange tan. In the Spaceworld 2001 build, it has a brown top and a tan-colored bottom and legs. Hinokuri is named after its internal name from within the Super Mario Sunshine files, HinoKuri2, and it can be readded into the game via hacking. In the trailer, there is a Hinokuri in both Delfino Plaza and Bianco Hills, indicating that it is a species rather than a standalone character.

Hinokuri releases both Strollin' Stus and eggs containing Swoopin' Stus from a pipe on its rear as if it were pooping them out. With F.L.U.D.D., Mario can spray water at Hinokuri until its outer shell pops, and stomp on its eye for a coin. If Mario takes damage from Hinokuri, he loses some water.