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Mario Kart Tour On iOS.PNG
Mario Kart Tour on the iOS Operating System.
Release date June 29, 2007 (iPhone OS 1)
July 11, 2008 (iPhone OS 2)
June 17, 2009 (iPhone OS 3)
June 21, 2010 (iOS 4)
October 12, 2011 (iOS 5)
September 19, 2012 (iOS 6)
September 18, 2013 (iOS 7)
September 17, 2014 (iOS 8)
September 16, 2015 (iOS 9)
September 13, 2016 (iOS 10)
September 19, 2017 (iOS 11)
September 17, 2018 (iOS 12)
September 19, 2019 (iOS 13)
September 16, 2020 (iOS 14)
September 20, 2021 (iOS 15)
Discontinued N/A
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A

iOS (also known as iPhone OS (especially) from 2007-2010) is an Operating System made by Apple for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (until 2019), and Apple TV (until 2015). Nintendo signed a deal with Apple in 2016 to start releasing games for the Operating System. Currently it houses three Mario games currently avaliable for download on the App Stores. More may be expected to release soon. In earlier years, guides for existing Mario games were developed for the App Store (by people not affiliated with Nintendo) however as of 2017, those Apps are no longer on the App Store. Users who have previously purchased them can still get them with iCloud and/or old iTunes versions however.


Note: The games can be gotten on any version via Jailbreaks.