Ice Mario (Super Mario Galaxy)

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This article is about the transformation of Mario when gets an Ice Flower in Super Mario Galaxy. For information about the power-up form from New Super Mario Bros. Wii onwards, see here.

This article is titled Ice Mario (Super Mario Galaxy), but it could be represented alternatively as Ice Luigi (Super Mario Galaxy).

Ice Mario
Applies to Mario, Luigi
Item needed Ice Flower
Power(s) given Walk or skate across water and lava, freeze foes on contact, fire immunity
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All Stars (2020)

Ice Mario is a form that Mario can take upon touching an Ice Flower in Super Mario Galaxy. In this form, Mario's body turns into solid ice and he gains special attributes. It is replaced by a vastly different power-up of the same name from New Super Mario Bros. Wii onwards.


Super Mario series

Super Mario Galaxy

Ice Mario in the Freezeflame Galaxy.

When Mario grabs an Ice Flower in Super Mario Galaxy, his body turns into solid ice. While granted this form, any water or lava Mario touches freezes solid in the form of a hexagonal platform (which melts after a period of time if left unoccupied). This allows Mario to walk or skate across vast distances of water or lava with ease and safety. Ice Mario can also freeze Water Spouts and waterfalls, which usually grant him passage to higher areas. This form also makes its user immune to fire attacks, as seen when a Magikoopa fires a fireball at Mario; it also prevents damage from torches when the player jumps on it. Like Fire Mario, this power-up has a time limit.

A downside of this power-up is that Ice Mario's midair spin is diminished. Ice Mario's midair spin gains almost no height, unlike Mario's regular form. Therefore, Ice Mario cannot jump as high.

This power-up is introduced in the Freezeflame Galaxy, but can also be found in the Beach Bowl Galaxy and the Deep Dark Galaxy. Ice Mario is one of two power-ups in the game that was not carried over to its sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, the other being Flying Mario.

Super Mario Galaxy Trading Card description

A CHILLY kind of flower power, Ice Mario is a form that Mario can take when he grabs an Ice Flower. When he powers up to this transformation, he can walk on any body of water or lava by freezing the liquid in hexagonal platforms and simply walking across.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイスマリオ
Aisu Mario
Ice Mario
Dutch IJs-Mario Ice Mario
French Mario de Glace Ice Mario
German Eis Mario Ice Mario
Italian Mario di Ghiaccio Ice Mario
Portuguese Mario de Gelo Ice Mario
Spanish (Americas) Mario de Hielo Ice Mario
Spanish (Europe) Mario Gélido Icy Mario


  • The music played during the duration of this power up in Super Mario Galaxy closely resembles the music played for Fire Mario, but is played in a higher key.
  • This variation of Ice Mario resembles Cosmic Mario and Shadow Mario.
  • Although Ice Mario or Ice Luigi didn't appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, the code for the ice forms still exist and can be accessed through hacking.

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