Lava Cannon

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The first lava cannon in the Luncheon Kingdom

A Lava Cannon is a red and yellow cannon with a Podoboo icon appearing in Super Mario Odyssey. It can only be activated by entering it as a captured Podoboo. After entering a lava cannon, the player will be shown an arcing line showing the path Mario will be fired. After pressing B, he will be launched along that arc, typically a great distance.

Several lava cannons are found in the game, the vast majority of which are found in the Luncheon Kingdom, though one also appears in the Darker Side. In the Luncheon Kingdom, the first pair of lava cannons appears after Mario obtains the "Big Pot on the Volcano: Dive In!" Multi Moon and transports Mario between the Odyssey's location and the Salt-Pile Isle; they also allow Mario to collect the "Atop the Jutting Crag" Power Moon if Mario decaptures the Podoboo midlaunch. The second pair of lava cannons can be found immediately afterward, which transports Mario between the Salt-Pile Isle and the cheese rock area near Peronza Plaza. The remaining lava cannons within the main area of the Luncheon Kingdom transport Mario to the top of the stew pot on Mount Volbono so that he can initially reach Cookatiel and obtain the "Cookatiel Showdown!" Multi Moon, though there are some additional lava cannons in the Lava Islands bonus area which allow Mario to collect the "Treasure of the Lava Islands" and "Flying Over the Lava Islands" Power Moons. In the Darker Side, Mario uses a lava cannon to transport himself between the segment with Moonsnakes and the segment with Uproots and Burrbos.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Italian Cannone di lava Lava Cannon


  • The Podoboo icon on the Lava Cannon resembles how the Podoboos looked in Super Mario World.