Mushroom Kingdom Health News

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The Mushroom Kingdom Health News is a newspaper in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is seen to have read an article in that paper in the Nintendo Adventure Book Unjust Desserts.

Drink Comparison article

The paper ran an article comparing the health benefits of Koopa-Kola, Green Fizz, and Boomer Berry Juice. Mario recalled certain information from the article, when trying to figure out if he should swim in Koopa Kola. The article had a picture of the three drinks, in equally sized glasses. Mario recalled that there were exactly 22 ounces of the drink that one should never swim in, and that there is one quart plus one ounce of Boomer Berry Juice. Also, there is exactly as much Boomer Berry Juice as the other two drinks added together. And there is twice as much Koopa Kola as Green Fizz.

From this, Mario figured out that he should not swim in Koopa Kola, because it is sticky and impairs movement.