Parlor (Luigi's Mansion)

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Game Luigi's Mansion
Area Area One
Normal ghosts Gold Ghosts
Purple Puncher (Hidden Mansion)
Blue Twirler (Hidden Mansion)
Boo Bamboo

The Parlor is the second room that Luigi visits in Luigi's Mansion and its Nintendo 3DS version. It is a part of Area One. The Parlor is mostly decorated with furniture and the possessed portraits.

At the beginning of the game, a Gold Ghost drops the key to the Parlor in the main part of the Foyer. Upon entering the Parlor for the first time, Luigi gets a from the Gold Ghost as it heads toward him. Before the Gold Ghost can reach him, Professor E. Gadd comes and attempts to suck the ghost up. Failing to catch the ghost, E. Gadd gives Luigi a first short impression before the same ghost returns with two other Gold Ghosts. They return to E. Gadd's Lab in order to flee from the ghosts. After the training at the lab, Luigi enters the Parlor again with. If Luigi puts out the three candles next to the portrait on the back wall, the paintings talk to Luigi and warn him about what he has done. Then a couple of Gold Ghosts attack Luigi and he must defeat them to get the key to the Anteroom.


Name Count
Gold Ghost 3 (Mansion)
1 (PAL Hidden Mansion)
5 (blackout)
Purple Puncher 1 (PAL Hidden Mansion)
Blue Twirler 1 (PAL Hidden Mansion)

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 居間
Living Room
French Salon Lounge
German Salon Lounge
Italian Salone Lounge
Spanish El salón The lounge


  • The Parlor mostly has Gold Ghosts in it. Even later in the blackout, the Parlor has only several Gold Ghosts.
  • This is one of the most visited rooms in the game, as it is required to be entered at least three times over the course of the game. It is entered at the very beginning before Luigi obtains the Poltergust 3000, once after he receives the Poltergust, and once during the blackout in order to reach the Wardrobe Room where Uncle Grimmly is hiding.