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Rosalina the Protector of the Cosmos!

Rosalina is a tall woman, taller than both Peach and Mario and she looks similar to Peach. However her overall appearance is sharper; her skin is paler than Peach, her eyes are a lighter shade of blue, and her hair is a much lighter blonde (possibly red as a child) than Peach. She wears purple nail polish, and has a large bang which covers her right eye.

Rosalina wears a long, flowing turquoise-colored dress, which the color was said to be only existed when the sun peers out of the clouds. Like Peach, she wears a brooch located on her chest, but it's star-shaped and the color is silver. It also has a yellow circle in the middle. She also wears a silver crown with red and blue gems, yellow star-shaped earrings and silver high heels. The collar of her gown cuts off at her brooch, with a powder blue flap loops around it, and has long sleeves with a wide opening at the end, also topped with powder blue frills. At the bottom of her dress is another frill which loops around the dress's end until turning up on a point at the middle; under it a white skirt is visble. In Super Mario Galaxy she carries a silver wand with a hollow yellow star at the end. Also in Super Smash Bros the bottom of her dress is glittered with star patterns, and her high heels are light green instead of silver.

Like Peach and Daisy, Rosalina wears a jumpsuit when she is driving bikes in Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 8, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The outfit is white and has a outline which is the same color of her dress. Her gloves and boots' color are also the same as her dress. She wears a teal scarf, and keeps her star-shaped brooch at her chest. She alao has a teal heart at the back of her outfit.

Exclusive to Mario Kart Wii only, a yellow Luma orbits around her when she's racing, and made small sounds when she did a trick.