Wiggler (Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam)

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Paper Jam Enemy
Location(s) Gloomy Woods
Level 16 / 26
HP 660 / 1471
Power 91 (80) / 232 (201)
Defense 120 (114) / 243 (222)
Speed 123
Experience 0
Coins 0
Coin Rate
Item Drop(s) Collector Wear
Rare Drop(s)

Wiggler is a caterpillar-like creature who appears in the Nintendo 3DS game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. He has a similar role to the Wiggler in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Mario and Luigi find Wiggler famished in Gloomy Woods and feed him a berry, replenishing his energy. Starlow explains that Paper Kamek used his magic to create piles of trash to block their path. Wiggler, outraged that someone took advantage of his weak state and made a mess of his forest, becomes mad and smashes the rubbish in front of him. The trio finds Wiggler with no energy again, who cannot move unless they feed him 10 berries. After the brothers feed him the berries, he tells them he has a craving for a dessert. Coincidentally, a yellow Yoshi declares he has found a melon, which Wiggler explains is one of his most favorite desserts, and also refuses to move from the spot he is until they feed him his treat.

The trio asks the Yoshi for the melon, but he says no, rather challenging them to a race with the melon as the winning prize. When Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario beat him, he hands over the melon, which they feed to Wiggler. Wiggler realizes Paper Kamek left more piles of trash and smashes through them. The three help Wiggler by disabling the electric fences Bowser and his henchmen use to block the path with.

The trio spot Wiggler confronting Paper Kamek, when he uses his magic to make Wiggler big and hostile, and they engage they three in a battle. After they win, Paper Kamek flies away while Wiggler apologizes saying he didn't know what got into him and passes out, shortly being carried of by Paragoombas. The heroes and Starlow mourn over the loss of Wiggler, but he returns in the form of a butterfly and offers to take them to the peak of Mount Brrr. He remains in this form for the rest of the game.


  • Like the Wiggler from Paper Mario: Sticker Star, this Wiggler usually refers to himself in the third person. However, this Wiggler does not refer to himself in third person as much as the Wiggler in that game does.
  • The Paragoombas carrying Wiggler off is seen as a nod to angels taking someone who's passed off to Heaven.