George Washington Slept Here

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"George Washington Slept Here"
Episode no. 38
Production no. 136
First aired October 25, 1989
Guest star(s) Ed Metzger
Title reference "George Washington Slept Here
Cartoon episode "The Unzappables"
The Legend of Zelda preview "Underworld Connections"
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"George Washington Slept Here" is the thirty-eighth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "The Unzappables".


Mario and Luigi meet up with George Washington

Mario is setting up a bed in the middle of Mario Brothers Plumbing when Luigi comes in, asking about Mario's plan to turn the place into a bed and breakfast. Mario tries to reassure him, but Luigi is unsure, questioning why anyone would want to come to such a messy place like theirs. Mario then pulls out a sign that says, "George Washington slept heree",[sic] and explains that once rich people hear about Washington sleeping at their place, they will flock to them. Though Luigi complains that Washington never actually slept there, Mario responds by saying that Washington is not around to call them out on lying, and they proceed to fix the bed while whistling "Yankee Doodle".

Suddenly, George Washington appears, and he is extremely angry at Mario and Luigi for saying that he slept in their sloppy home. Mario offers to let Washington relax for a bit while he pulls Luigi our of earshot. He then pulls out a pocket watch and suggests to make Washington fall asleep in order for their sign to not be a lie. They offer to Washington to lie down on their couch while Mario starts to wave the watch in from of him. Luigi joins in by singing a lullaby. However, they end up putting each other to sleep and fall onto the couch next to Washington.

Mario and Luigi both dream about them paddling on a boat with Washington to Valley Forge. Washington orders them to serve as replacements for his army, despite their pleas. Mario offers to change the sign, but Washington cannot forgive their lie, and orders them to swim the final mile in the icy river. Mario and Luigi refuse and continue to plead with him, eventually waking up. They eventually find that George Washington was never actually at their place and that they both had the same dream. Their doorbell then rings, and Ralph Washington (played by the same actor as George Washington) comes through the door. He asks if the bed-and-breakfast has a vacancy, and Luigi comments that he looks familiar. Luigi asks the man for his name, and he responds with Washington. Excitedly, Mario asks if his first name is George, but he denies that, and Luigi tells him that the inn is full. The two brothers then swear to never tell a lie again.


  • When the company Shout! Factory released the complete The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! series on two DVD sets, four of the episodes were presented as "cartoon only" bonus episodes. The four missing "lost" live-action segments were: "Baby Mario Love", "9001: A Mario Odyssey", "Texas Tea" and "George Washington Slept Here". The first three of which were finally released on DVD, in Australia. The six disc set is a region free NTSC format collection that contains 50 of the 52 "Mario" episodes of the show. All episodes include the cartoon, live-action segments and Zelda previews (no Zelda preview for Day of the Orphan), but do not contain commercial bumpers. The missing episodes on this collection are "Rolling Down the River/ The Mario Monster Mash" and "The Unzappables/ George Washington Slept Here".[1] All four of these "lost" episodes, including "George Washington Slept Here" are on a German DVD set, presented the same way as above, but without the Zelda previews. They are presented with dual English and German audio on PAL format DVDs.[2][3][4][5] When "The Unzappables" was uploaded by WildBrain in August 2014, a Club Mario segment was included in place of ""George Washington Slept Here."[6]