List of Yoshi's Island DS beta elements

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This is a list of beta elements for Yoshi's Island DS.

Early builds

  • Yoshi's Island DS (which was initially titled Yoshi's Island 2) was originally going to feature Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection compatibility.
  • Early screenshot showcasing a battle with Big Guy the Stilted seems to suggest that Big Guy was once going to be organic, as he had no patches on him in that picture (although one patch was visible near his right foot, which may merely mean his graphics were slightly incomplete).
  • One screenshot of an unknown origin shows a Black Yoshi traversing a flowery area with Baby Peach. The particular event illustrated in the picture doesn't seem to be left in the final game.
  • Baby Peach's cry was also going to sound more adult-like.
  • The level "Donuts and Eggs" wasn't themed in the mid-west, as shown in an early trailer.
  • Originally, the player could only destroy enemies by jumping on them with Baby Mario, as seen in the E3 demo version.

Unused data

Although never used in the game, graphics for Baby Wario and Baby Bowser Character Coins exist. Similarly, graphics exist for at least two different title screens, and at least one of them was entirely complete when it was scrapped. All were static images, unlike the final game's rotating shot. Two of the scrapped title screens have a Yoshi's Island 2 logo, and one of them bears a resemblance to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island's title screen.