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The Baby Coin artwork as it appears in Yoshi's Island DS.

Character Coins or Baby Coins are coins that the Yoshis can collect in Yoshi's Island DS. The Yoshi can collect a Baby Coin only with the baby on Yoshi's back that is seen on the coin. Collecting all eight Baby Coins in a world (or all seven in the case of world five) unlocks a minigame in the game's Hard Mode. The 39 coins in the game are evenly distributed to 13 each among Baby Mario, Baby Peach, and Baby DK.

Levels with Baby Mario Coins

A Baby Mario Character Coin in the level Six-Face Sal's Fort.

Levels with Baby Peach Coins

Levels with Baby DK Coins


  • There were Character Coins of Baby Wario and Baby Bowser, but they were removed from the final version. They still remain in the game's coding.