Donuts and Eggs

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Template:Level Donuts and Eggs is level 2-6 of Yoshi's Island DS. It is the first level which automatically side-scrolls. Although no new enemies are introduced, Egg-Controlled Platforms and Donut Blocks are reintroduced to the game.


The player begins the level near some rotating platforms and Donut Blocks, which they must navigate to advance. After, the player encounters some more Donut Blocks and a few Shy Guys blocking Yoshi's way. Yoshi must hop on top of some Donut Blocks and climb them to get to an area with an Egg Block and some rotating platforms. The player then needs to pass this area to reach a place infested with Piranha Plants and Crazee Dayzees, where they must climb up some narrow ledges to get to the Middle Ring. Yoshi then encounters some Egg Blocks and a few moving platforms, which lead him to an area with a Stork Stop and another Donut Block segment, followed by some moving platforms. When navigated correctly, the moving platforms will take Yoshi to the GOAL! Ring.

The level bears a great resemblance to the level Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Enemies Encountered


  • This level has the game's three main enemies in it.
  • With Baby Mario, it's possible to skip the most of the level straight to the GOAL! Ring. Spit a Shy Guy (or Crazee Dayzee) on the M Blocks below the ledge with the GOAL! Ring, jump on the enemy and flutter all the way up to the Goal. It is tricky to pull off due to the autoscroll however.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ちくわとタマゴのアスレチック
Chikuwa to Tamago no Asurechikku
"Chikuwa and Egg Athletics", a reference to the Japanese name for Donut Lifts.
German Donut-Panik "Donut Panic"