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Mariopedia is an online encyclopedia that provides coverage on Mario and its related franchises. As a wiki, our goal is to provide as much information, but there are cases when censorship is necessary for obscene and certain inappropriate content. We especially take on this responsibility because a majority of Mario and relevant media were designed for a family-friendly audience. The censorship policy mainly applies to Mature-rated titles and certain fan games. As stated in the scope, 18+ fanon material is not allowed on Mariopedia.

  • In articles, profanity can only be used in quotes.
  • Images depicting minimal blood are allowed, but decapitation and other gory pictures are not allowed.
  • Images of nudity are allowed unless it shows genitalia and/or is pornographic in nature.

Articles that have mention of sensitive topics, such as race ("True Colors"), war (e.g. It's War), malicious behavior/graphic murder (e.g. the Mega Moles in Dinosaur Dilemma and Flown the Koopa), rape (The "Life variety" strip in the third volume of Super Mario 4koma Manga Theater), or sex (Shitamachi Ninjō Gekijō and the "Heaven and Inferno" title strip in the fourth volume of Super Mario 4koma Manga Theater), can have the offending material collapsed within {{inappropriate}}. In some cases, such as Vivian or Birdo, the tag can be used specifically for the section discussing their gender. In Bob Hoskins's case, the only part that is not family-friendly is when he used profanity in a quote to describe how the Super Mario Bros. film was the worst thing he ever did.

During both the Nintendo Entertainment System era and the early Super Nintendo Entertainment System era, before the Entertainment Software Rating Board was founded in 1994, Nintendo would often censor or outright change content when releasing their games outside of Japan. Due to the historical nature regarding this subject, images relevant to it that violate one or more of the aforementioned rules are allowed, especially if it compares changes between different versions of the same game.