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Double Trouble, the first Nintendo Adventure Book printed
Score card

Nintendo Adventure Books is a series of gamebooks based on Mario and The Legend of Zelda games published from 1991 to 1992. These books require the reader to keep track of inventory items, coins, and points. They are similar to Chooseco's Choose Your Own Adventure series, but they also have mini puzzles included to help the reader determine the correct choice of action. The characters' portrayals are mostly based on the Super Mario Bros. series in the Nintendo Comics System.

In 2001, a similar series of gamebook titles was made, called Game Boy Advance. The two Mario-related titles in the series included Super Mario Advance and Warioland 4.


There are a total of 12 books, ten of which are part of the Mario franchise and two of which are part of the The Legend of Zelda franchise

  1. Double Trouble (Mario franchise)
  2. Leaping Lizards (Mario franchise)
  3. Monster Mix-Up (Mario franchise)
  4. Koopa Capers (Mario franchise)
  5. Pipe Down! (Mario franchise)
  6. Doors to Doom (Mario franchise)
  7. Dinosaur Dilemma (Mario franchise)
  8. Flown the Koopa (Mario franchise)
  9. The Crystal Trap (The Legend of Zelda franchise)
  10. The Shadow Prince (The Legend of Zelda franchise)
  11. Unjust Desserts (Mario franchise)
  12. Brain Drain (Mario franchise)

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