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First question for this PipeProject... what exactly is a Chubby? I see it as an alternate name for Monty Moles, but apparently some appear to see it as a standalone character mentioned in the instruction manual? Bawitdaba (talk) 13:48, September 5, 2022 (UTC)

Seems like a name for a specific Monty Mole in Mario Kart 64, from discussion with others. Bawitdaba (talk) 04:01, September 6, 2022 (UTC)

What else to do?

@MontyMoleLoreMaster: So I need to go to bed now -- mind making a bulleted list under this section of what you still want me to do? There's a lot of stuff listed under the paragraphs of our talk pages, so by listing some of the stuff here I can then possibly sort them into the short-term & long-term PipeProject goals (I'll handle that part). Bawitdaba (talk) 04:01, September 6, 2022 (UTC)

Ok sure,

  • Make the Chubby page a redirect, it was likely just the instruction booklet only talking about one insignificant Monty Mole and Monty Moles were also called Chubbies in the first Game & Watch Gallery by the way.
  • Remove the non-canon information thing from every page that has it since the stuff it claims is not canon has no official confirmation on not being canon.
  • Remove any mentions of Mario Portal as a source and if a page uses the Mario Portal website as a source for a name, please rename the page to the character’s other name like their Japanese name and remove the illegitimate source. It has been proven the Mario Portal is an illegitimate source as it is known for giving enemies wrong names or calling them names from completely separate unrelated enemies (the worst example of this is with Monty being incorrectly referred to as a Rocky Wrench despite Monty not having any connections to Rocky Wrench at all besides attack pattern). (See here for information on how it got several names wrong on the Mario Galaxy seftion, which also applies for the other pages as section: https://mario.fandom.com/wiki/Message_Wall:NewSuperMarioBrosFan?threadId=4400000000000277796#4400000000000856114)
  • Add a screenshot of Ragumo in-game.
  • Add screenshots of Monty Mole in Game & Watch Gallery 1 and 2.
  • Add more BIS Monty Mole related screenshots (which I said what specifically in the talk page).
  • Finish the Rocky Wrench and Monty Mole gallery.
  • Update some of the Super Mario-kun images by using digital scans instead of physical ones.
  • Finding someone to help translate Monty Mole stuff from the manga.
  • Fixing the years on the appearance sections on the Monty Mole species pages.
  • Organizing the Rocky Wrench gallery after it is completed.

That is kind of all I have to say for now I guess. There is some other stuff I might forgot but I can do those myself. Anyways, I hope this helps. MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 04:12, September 6, 2022 (UTC)

Thank you Bawitdaba (talk) 12:16, September 6, 2022 (UTC)

What else has been done?

@MontyMoleLoreMaster: You're better at keeping track at this than I am -- mind striking out (or at least telling me which to strike out) on the list? Bawitdaba (talk) 00:19, September 21, 2022 (UTC)

1, 2, 3, 17, 18 (though that one could use some extra help, the names themselves have been added, the definitions do need work though), 19, 23, 24, and 25. MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 00:30, September 21, 2022 (UTC)
Loads have been struck out. Good work! Bawitdaba (talk) 00:41, September 21, 2022 (UTC)