Rain Shower

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Rain Shower
File:LP-57 Game Open.jpg
Developer Nintendo Research & Development 1
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game & Watch
Genre Platformer
ESRB: - Everyone
Mode(s) Single player
Game & Watch:
Game & Watch:

Rain Shower is a dual-screen Game & Watch game that was released as part of the Multi Screen series on August 10, 1983. It is a game in the Museum in Game & Watch Gallery 2. It is also featured as a minigame in Game & Watch Gallery 4, which includes an updated "Modern" version of the game.

File:Rain Shower PL-57 Bell1.gif
The alarm dog

The alarm indicator of this game is a dog that is located in the right screen, beside the lower clothesline, and the dog nods his head when the alarm goes off.


Classic version

File:Rain Shower GaWG4 classic.png
The Classic version of Rain Shower

A dark cloud covers up the sky, then it precipitates. The player must help a boy move the clotheslines from getting his hanged clothes wet. The player receives a point every time a raindrop passes a clothesline without hitting a shirt. When the player reaches 100 points, it stops raining for a brief moment before raining again, and the player receives 10 points. As the player progresses in the game, the raindrops will fall faster. If a raindrop hits a shirt, the boy will angrily wring it out, and the player will get a miss. If the player gets 300 points without any misses, the points will be worth double until the player does get a miss. If the player has any misses at said score, all misses will be removed instead. When the player gets three misses, they receive a Game Over. In Game B, crows appear and sometimes move the clotheslines.

Modern version

The Modern version of Rain Shower

In the Modern version, Bowser throws colored water balloons at Toad and Donkey Kong Jr. (or, on Hard Mode, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario). Mario must move them out of the way by moving the ropes. Additionally, Princess Peach and the others will join later in the game. This game also features the rare 3-Up Moon from Super Mario World. Mario earns two points for catching a 3-Up Moon. If he catches five 3-Up Moons without getting a miss, he will knock Bowser out of the tree, earning 20 points. If Mario reaches 100 points, a P Switch will appear. He will then activate it, causing the water balloons onscreen to turn into coins, awarding him 10 points. The season changes every time the player gets 100 points. On Hard Mode, Waluigi will appear. He will attempt to move the ropes, making it difficult for Mario to protect his friends. When Mario accumulates 200, 500, and 700 points, a Fishin' Lakitu will appear and drop a heart for him to take to remove a miss. Unlike in the Classic version, music is featured, with the tempo changing depending on the speed of the game.

A humorous sequence will play if the player selects the game yet does not actually start it. Specifically, Toad is trapped in a wicker basket on a rope as Spiked Balls are being dropped. Luigi, noticing that Toad is in danger and cannot get off, attempts to save Toad by pulling the rope. At that moment, however, Waluigi ends up arriving and noticing the commotion, and he ends up fighting Luigi for Toad. Just as he is doing so, a Spiked Ball hits Waluigi on the noggin, stunning him enough for Luigi to give a hefty pull that both sends Waluigi flying and has Toad landing safely in Luigi's arms.


  • +Control Pad: Move
  • A Button and B Button: Shift



  • The Modern version of Rain Shower features more Mario characters than any other Modern Game & Watch game.

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