Ropey Rampage

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Ropey Rampage

Donkey and Diddy jump from one swinging rope to the next while avoiding a Zinger

General information
Level number: 1-2
World: Kongo Jungle
Type: Jungle
Enemies: Army, Kritter, Zinger
Music: DK Island Swing
Bonus Level(s): 2
Previous level: Jungle Hijinxs
Next level: Reptile Rumble
  • Has a different weather or time of day setting depending on the game's version
  • Involves Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong swinging and jumping from ropes

Ropey Rampage is the second level in Donkey Kong Country and of the first world, Kongo Jungle. It takes place in the jungle like the first level, Jungle Hijinxs, but involves Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong jumping from swinging ropes as they make their way from one treetop to the next.

Ropey Rampage's weather and time of day varies depending on the version. In the Super Nintendo version, Ropey Rampage takes place at night during a thunderstorm, and only becomes daytime at the end (a reverse of how Jungle Hijinxs takes place during the day and only becomes night at the end). In the Game Boy Color version, Ropey Rampage takes place during the night for the entirety of the level, and there is no thunderstorm. In the Game Boy Advance version, Ropey Rampage takes place during a rainstorm in the daytime.

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