Balloon Boo

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This article is about the enemy from New Super Mario Bros.. For information about the enemy from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, see Boo Balloon.
Balloon Boo
First appearance New Super Mario Bros. (2006)
Species origin Boo
Some Boos and a Balloon Boo.

Balloon Boos are enemies that appear only in New Super Mario Bros., where they encountered in World 4-Ghost House. They are Boos with pink cheeks, and their tail resembles that of a balloon, as their name indicates.

They appear large at first, but when looked away from, they approach the player while expelling air and shrinking. Otherwise, they stop and inflate by inhaling air at a rather slow rate, until it has assumed its massive appearance once more. Balloon Boos will continue to chase Mario or Luigi even when they have reached their minimum size; they will also only chase them if they are in the same room (i.e. there are no walls between them). Balloon Boos can be defeated with a Blue Shell or a Mega Mushroom.


A Balloon Boo Portrait
  • When Mega Mario or Mega Luigi collides with a Balloon Boo, they pop and soar away in circles, somewhat reminiscent to knocking out a Flagpole.
  • A similar species in New Super Mario Bros. 2, called the Boohemoth, has a small resemblance to a Balloon Boo, but does not act like one.