Big Star

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Not to be confused with Grand Star.
Big Star

New Super Mario Bros. sprite
General information
Effect Serves as the win condition for the Mario vs. Luigi mode
First appearance New Super Mario Bros. (2006)

Big Stars are Stars that appear in New Super Mario Bros. They are found only in the Mario vs. Luigi mode, and a set number of Big Stars must be collected to win. Whenever a new Big Star is collected, everything in the level is reset.

In the settings for the game, the host player decides how many Big Stars are required to win the battle. The options are 3, 5, and 10. Also, at the top of the upper screen, the number of Big Stars a player has is displayed above their character. When a player is one Star away from winning, the Stars in the Star counter start pulsing and the music plays faster until a Star is lost or the last Star is collected. The locations of the Big Stars are seen on the Touch Screen.

One Big Star at a time appears in the level until it is collected. After players have collected at least one Big Star, players can make each other drop Big Stars (if they have any) by jumping on them, hitting a block when the other is standing on top of it, or attacking them with a fireball, shell dash, etc. Players can drop Big Stars by touching an enemy, falling into a pit, or getting crushed by walls. Ground-pounding or drill-spinning into a player can make that player drop three Big Stars. If a Big Star is dropped, it starts bouncing around until it is collected, falls into a bottomless pit, or disappears. Collecting a player's Star does not reset the level. Silver Stars have similar movements, but there are five in every level.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグスター[1]
Biggu Sutā
Big Star
Chinese 大星星[2]
Dà Xīngxīng
Big Star
Italian Mega Stella Mega Star