Chain Chomp (partner)

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Chain Chomp (partner)

A screenshot featuring the Chain Chomp partner alongside Mario battling against two Goombas and a Grand Goomba from the E3 2010 beta of Paper Mario: Sticker Star
General information
Species Chain Chomp
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star E3 beta (2010)

The Chain Chomp partner was a Partner in various beta versions of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It appeared to help Mario during battle by lunging at enemies, biting them, and being flung at the enemies. The Chain Chomp could also be thrown at certain blocks to break them. Not much else is known about the Chain Chomp however it is widely speculated that it had some form of backstory of some kind. With the change in development in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, the Chain Chomp was removed from the final build along with the whole partner system.



  • This Chain Chomp would've been the first Chain Chomp to fully help Mario on his adventure.
  • While the Chain Chomp doesn't appear in the final build of the game, the Chain Chomp seen during the battle with Bowser appears to reminiscent to this Chain Chomp and appears to have the same moves.