King Choropū

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King Choropū

The screenshot featuring King Choropū from the E3 2010 beta of Paper Mario: Sticker Star
General information
Species Monty Mole
First appearance Super Mario-kun Volume 5 (mentioned) (1992)
Latest appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star E3 2010 beta (2010)

King Choropū (キングチョロプー King Monty Mole?)[1] was a boss originally planned to appear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, but was ultimately scrapped after the E3 2010 beta version. He is a large purple Monty Mole with a beard and a crown, and would have seemingly been the ruler of the Monty Mole species as well.


Super Mario-kun

Although King Choropū never physically appeared in Super Mario-kun, he would be briefly mentioned in volume 5, where one of the Monty Mole farmers would mention the existence of him, as they suggested to take Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi to King Choropū's place. However, the Monty Moles would shortly change their mind on the decision to take the trio to King Choropū, and instead decided to take the trio to be food for their livestock.[2]

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The King Choropū was intended to make a physical appearance in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, as seen in a screenshot from the E3 2010 beta. Judging by the screenshot, King Choropū would have likely appeared as a boss somewhere in the forest area. The only known attack that King Choropū has was him throwing a giant boulder at Mario and his partners. Unfortunately, King Choropū was removed from the game for unknown reasons. Despite this, his name can still be found in the files for the final game.


  • Despite King Choropū being the supposed leader of the Monty Mole species, Bowser is usually seen commanding most Monty Mole species (like a majority of other enemy species throughout the series). This could likely suggest that King Choropū is a high ranking minion of Bowser (similarly to King Bob-omb and Goomboss), though this has not been confirmed.


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